Security for Hosters

Web Hosting Providers are often the target of hacking attacks, for a variety of reasons:

How does our Hosting Pentest different from regular Penetration Testing services?

Both Pentest services certainly have many features in common. However, our Hosting Pentest service is specially tailored to the needs of web hosting providers.

During a hosting Pentest, we focus on the most critical hosting services, such as Billing Platforms, Server Administration Platforms & Control Panels, and Automated OS Deployment Tools.

We have a great deal of in-depth experience in identifying and exploiting some of the most popular platforms used by web hosting Companies. Instead of using security scanners, we seek to discover new vulnerabilities by doing manual pentesting and developing our own exploits.

We don't use any security scanners but rather discover new vulnerabilities by doing manual pentesting and developing our own exploits

WAfter each Pentest Session, we will furnish a report that highlights each vulnerability discovered, along with the safest means and measures for repairing these security breaches.

Here you can find two of our Security Advisories, including Proof of Concept exploits: SolusVM-01, SolusVM-02

How can our Hosting Pentest Service help your Web Hosting Company?

Given the tremendous competition in the hosting industry nowadays, security is no longer an optional extra for a hosting provider but, rather, a responsibility: securing your hosting solution means taking care of your customers and your business.

The increasingly important question that you, as a hosting provider, must ask yourself is whether a classic security scanner, along with software updates, would guarantee your security. The short answer is NO.

We are pretty sure that there is virtually no such thing as a hack-proof hosting provider – do you feel that you are one?

Let us show you the vital difference between what you currently know about your hosting security, and what the ‘bad guys’ can find out before you get to ask yourself, “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

Are you eager to find out how truly secure your webhosting business is and what you can do to keep attackers away?

If so, we are here to help. Drop us a line and we will provide you with more details on what we can do to secure your hosting business.